FLYER: Anathemic (Dallas) & I Am Destruction (Grand Prairie)



Bringing the “slam” to kick off December

Anathemic and I Am Destruction team up for b-day bash at Reno’s Chop Shop in Dallas

by Ryan A Vasquez

The Dallas Metal Scene (DMS) organization prove 2017 is not over yet by scheduling two powerhouse names in the DFW death metal scene – Anathemic & I Am Destruction – to play Reno’s Chop Shop in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas on Dec. 1. Joseph Cabrera, owner and head promoter of DMS, along with DMS Promoter Stephanie M. Sias organized this brutal show for their birthday celebration for all to enjoy. Joining Anathemic and I Am Destruction are Center of Disease (brutal death from OK), Oblivious Obscurity (death from Dallas), Wyrm Chasm (black metal from Dallas) and Renatus (brutal death from Waxahachie, Texas).



Formed in 2007, Anathemic hit the DFW scene with their brutal, yet solid professional sound that would have them open shows for acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Power Trip and Parasitic Ejaculation just to name a few.

Anathemic 2016 full length release "Celestial Plague"
Anathemic 2016 full length release “Celestial Plague”

Then in 2016, the band released the full length album “Celestial Plague,” still unsigned and uncommitted to any one label making them in charge of their own circuit touring and promotions. Yet, Anathemic’s relentless hard work shows through these 10 tracks of non-stop slamming brutality including the editor’s pick, “Odious Nefarious.” Aside from purchasing this album at one of their shows, “Celestial Plague” can also be found on Spotify.


I Am Destruction 2017
from L to R: Paul Von Dundas – guitar, Stephen “Mud” Mashburn – vocals/guitar, Buddy Griffin – drums, Richie Pennington – bass / photo courtesy of

This unsigned Dallas-based brutal death metal band was formed in 2013 and has shared the stage with many names in the brutal death circuit including Vale of Pnath, Putridity and Kill Everything (Devourment super group) to name just a few.

I Am Destruction - debut EP
I Am Destruction – debut EP 2015

In 2015, “Violence Devours” was released as their debut EP which can be found on Bandcamp but with only two tracks. The entire EP will mainly be available at their live events to those screaming for more. The editor’s pick goes to the track, “Hip to Hip” featuring a solo written by David Cerezo from Color of Aum. This is the deadly slamming sound that proudly hails from Grand Prairie, Texas.



Watch Andrea of Anathemic and “Mud” of I Am Destruction lead their fellow “slam-mates” to tear the roof off of Reno’s Chop Shop – 210 N. Crowdus St. Dallas, Texas – Dec. 1 starting at 8pm for $10 cover. Wear any Dallas Metal Scene shirt between 8pm and 10pm and pay only $5 to enter. Don’t forget to wish Joseph and Stephanie of DMS happy birthday! December starts off with a bang, and 2017 is not over yet.








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