EXCLUSIVE: Terranodon Media benefit show for Sutherland Springs (Austin)


The gift of hope, wrapped in metal

Terranodon Media hosts benefit show supporting the victims of Sutherland Springs

by Ryan A Vasquez


When we look back at the year 2017, what will we remember? Some will recall the sound of the crowd the night the Houston Astros won the World Series. Some will remember the look of anticipation and smiles waiting to see the re-buffering of Stephen King’s It. But for Orlando Logan Olivero, founder and owner of Terranodon Media, he can’t help but to remember the incident which brings us all together Dec. 9 at the Texas Mist in Austin, Texas.

Orlando Logan Olivero - founder and owner of Terranodon Media
Orlando Logan Olivero – founder and owner of Terranodon Media

“It’s getting closer and closer to home,” Olivero said in a phone interview with RoM – TUJ about the mass shooting which occured on Nov. 5 at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas (30 miles east of San Antonio).

“This is just something that’s a little personal to Texas and it’s personal [to me],” Olivero said, founder and owner of Terranodon Media.

Olivero opened up about a friend, who shall remain anonymous, that was directly affected by the Sutherland Springs (S. S.) incident. Compelled to reach out and help turn the aftermath of such a tragic incident to a symbol of hope and compassion during the holiday season, Olivero sent out a call-to-arms among his fellow metal bretherin and organized the Dec. 9 benefit show for the victims and families.

Orlando Logan Olivero - founder and owner of Terranodon Media
Orlando Logan Olivero – founder and owner of Terranodon Media / photo courtesy of Facebook.com

“We’re playing underground metal, so the way I see it, if I could do one thing to benefit someone else even though it’s not our community…we can maybe make a difference and try to bring some people together,” Olivero said.

This all-ages event will ask the public for a minimum five dollar donation at the door to enter but provides free parking. All artists performing will do so without compensation in light of the cause, yet deeply show gratitude to the fans and show-goers for their continued support. All proceeds collected at the door will be re-directed to the proper channels for S. S. relief distribution. The killer line-up scheduled for this night shall include:


Vesperian Sorrow 2017
Vesperian Sorrow is: Kristoph – drums/keys/guitar, JZD – rhythm/lead guitar, Justin – bass/backing vocals, Will – rhythm/lead guitar, Donni – vocals / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/vesperian
Stormwinds of Ages - V. S. 4th full length studio album
Stormwinds of Ages – 4th full length studio album from Vesperian Sorrow / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/vesperian

This Austin-based melodic black metal band is currently wrapping up their fifth studio album scheduled to be released next year on Transcending Records, following the success to 2012s full length release “Stormwinds of Ages.” No stranger to benefit shows supporting local community causes, Kristoph (drums/ keys/ guitars) showed enthusiasm agreeing to play this S. S. benefit show.

“[ ] they’re fellow Texans, and any tragedy so close to home, no matter the scale, affects us as Texans,” Kris said, drummer for Vesperian Sorrow. “We do what we can to help each other during times of grief and need. This is who we have always been.”

Kris informed RoM – TUJ they will be playing some new material from the upcoming album and encourages the audience to stare at the guitarist with “perpetual scrutiny–he likes that.”


Id 2017
Id 2017 is: Armando Collazo – lead guitar/vocals, Jason Derek Garza – guitar/vocals, A. R. Mendez – bass/vocals, Sterling Junkin – drums / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/iddeathmetal

It’s not the ego, it’s not the superego, this is Id. They come from the Rio Grande Valley with ties to Puerto Rico driven by pure instinct without logic, reasoning and some articles of clothing when live.

Id second EP Tinieblas 2016
Id second EP Tinieblas 2016 / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/iddeathmetal

With the vocals split three ways, this brutal black-infused death outfit is currently promoting their  2016 EP “Tinieblas.” Even though Id has played a benefit show before, recognition was never on the agenda and RoM – TUJ learned from A. R. Mendez (bass/vocals) the Dec. 9 show was still not an exception. “…my heart goes out to all the victims but…I don’t want to make it a story because it actually affects people,” Mendez said.

“It feels gratuitous,” Mendez said, bassist and vocals for Id.

Mendez encourages all citizens connected to the S. S. incident to: “honor the memories of those that were lost.”

Id asks all their rowdy friends showing up to the Texas Mist on Dec. 9 to “bring your wallet and have a good time!”

The Hanged Man’s Curse

The Hanged Man's Curse 2017
The Hanged Man’s Curse 2017 / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/TheHangedMansCurse

This is guaranteed one of the strangest musical acts concert-goers will ever come across in the entire state and possibly farther–and they hail from the heart of the Fighting Bobcat Country of San Marcos, Texas. To describe their sound at the mercy of struggling to find the right references, imagine the “Ol’ West” infused with an eerie yet musical doom, much like what Quentin Tarantino might use in one of his films.

THMC 2018 EP Blood, Bullets, Death and Doom cover art
THMC 2018 EP Blood, Bullets, Death and Doom cover art / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/TheHangedMansCurse

Lobo Sangre (vocals/guitar) gave RoM – TUJ a hand in explaining how the sound was derived. “It also comes from listening to Mexican folk and Texas musicians like Willie Nelson and Marty Robbins,” Sangre said. The debut EP “Blood, Bullets, Death and Doom” is scheduled for release next year, and they humbly agreed to play the Dec. 9 show but without looking for any recognition for once again supporting a cause for the community.

“I don’t think it’s important for the victims to know who we are,” Sangre said, vocals and guitar for THMC.

Sangre assured RoM – TUJ that “THMC will always help take care of Texas,” and that they were returning “from the endless trails of the hell country to bring you the bleakest visions be-twixt horrid sounds from realities unknown!!!”

Clit Eastwood

Clit Eastwood 2017
Clit Eastwood 2017 is: Ariel – guitar, Armando – guitar, Ryoko – vocals, Asako – bass, Collin – drums / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/cecrust

If it’s wild, crazy, out-of-control and makes you want to hit something, you would probably be talking about the Austinites with a generic cat cartoon logo, Clit Eastwood. The crust-grind power violence began in 2012, circulated in the hardcore scene and currently finalizing the material for the debut EP set to release mid-2018.

Clit Eastwood logo
Clit Eastwood logo / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/cecrust

Last Tuesday evening, RoM – TUJ caught up the band just before practice and getting their “beast” on–pun intended on the cat. Like so many others, the band grew tired of seeing such devastating news repeatedly on social media but were never discouraged from showing compassion for what happened on Nov. 5 in S. S. “We weren’t directly affected, but were as affected as anyone else turning on the news,” guitarist Armando said.

“Gun violence is bullshit. #gunviolenceisbullshit,” Ariel said, guitarist for Clit Eastwood.

Ariel also felt people shouldn’t have to stop doing the things they love like going to church or the park and so on because of this incident.

“Turn that frown upside down. Circle pit!,” Ariel said.


Ayasoltec 2017
Ayasoltec 2017 is: Juan Torres – guitar/vocals, Mars Sanchez – drums, John Rodriguez – session drums / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/ayasoltec

Formed in 2006, this death thrash powerhouse of a sound from just a few musicians from Austin surprised crowds not only here in Texas but throughout the Mexico metal circuit, as well. Their three track EP “Sons of the Serpent” was released in 2007 and Juan Torres, guitar and vocals, informed RoM – TUJ they have enough material to fill four full-length albums but will more than likely release the new album come January of next year.

Ayasoltec EP 2007 Sons of the Serpent
Ayasoltec EP 2007 Sons of the Serpent / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/ayasoltec

Even though the incident didn’t affect any one member directly, Torres knew of someone who was.

“My only hope is that all of those people dealing with a loss of that magnitude…can find some sort of comfort and know they are not alone,” Torres said, guitar and vocals for Ayasoltec.

Having also played a show to benefit the Hurricane Harvey victims of Houston, the band also felt it was important to help people get back some sort of normalcy.

“We are all connected some form or another…and it’s because of that connection that we are compelled to do our part and not just for this tragedy but anytime something happens…,” Torres said.

Terranodon Media would also like to recognize Encore Records for their continued support and leave this message for the S. S. victims and families:

“You can still rely on the metal community of the Austin area and San Antonio area to watch out for y’all,” Olivero said, founder and owner of Terranodon Media. “We’re still there. We’re still there no matter what and we’ll continue to be there.”


Author: Republic Of Mosh-Texas Underground Journal

I am a freelance writer with a passion for the underground metal music scene in Texas. I studied advertising and mass communication at Texas State University in San Marcos and Radio & TV at Del Mar College-Corpus Christi. I've been jumping in mosh pits all across Texas since I was a kid and now it is my goal to create the most informative and widely recognized publication for the Texas underground. I have a son (Vicente) and a daughter (Valentina) and currently live in Austin, Texas.

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