FLYER: Mask Of Morana (McAllen), Signs Of Omnicide (Brownsville), The Valley (TX), Pulsus (Brownsville)


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They came from the southern-most abyss of the state

Rio Grande Valley death artists Mask Of Morana, Signs Of Omnicide, The Valley and Pulsus to open for So This Is Suffering (CA) at Recuerdos Bar tonight

by Ryan A Vasquez

When Dante and Virgil were wondering farther into Hell–which in this case is located in Texas–these four bands were playing over the loud speaker. Unique Leader Records artists So This Is Suffering of Los Angeles, CA. is scheduled to headline tonight at Recuerdos Bar in McAllen, Texas, but before that happens the audience must survive the deadliest metal to come out of the Rio Grande Valley region: Mask Of Morana (McAllen), Signs Of Omnicide (Brownsville), The Valley (most likely from the Valley region) and Pulsus (Brownsville).


Mask Of Morana 2017
Mask Of Morana 2017 is Rob Reyna – vocals/lead guitar/ drums, Eden Belmontes – guitar, Felipe Cantu – bass / photo courtesy of

These McAllen natives create their signature sound by mixing dark harmonies and low-end chords with heavy beatdown and death core, to try to explain the feel. Mask Of Morana has shared the stage with some of the most brutal and world-renown bands including Abigail WilliamsDark Sermon, Wretched and the list goes on.

Mask Of Morana 2016 EP Sprisahania
Mask Of Morana 2016 EP Sprisahania cover art / photo courtesy of

Mask Of Morana is currently promoting their 2016 EP release “Sprisahania” and the video above “Burnt Offerings” is a single from the EP and what may happen when this evil force hits the stage tonight.


Signs Of Omnicide 2017
Signs Of Omnicide 2017 is: Danny – vocals, Paul – guitar, Jaxsyn – drums / photo courtesy of

This deadly trio hails from Brownsville and wasted no time being recognized in the south Texas scene. Their dominating musical presence will either scare the audience or motivate them to let their demons loose with their blast-beat speed feet, deep octave grind growls and dropped down low riffs.

After forming in 2016 and laying a five track demo at the end of the year and a full length self-made album “Abhorrence,” the band signed with Inherited Suffering Records this year and has been featured on Slam for the promotion of their yet to be released anticipated album “Era Of Omniscience.” The video above is a single of the new album and is exactly what the fans may have coming tonight.


The Valley 2017
The Valley 2017 is: Justin – vocalist, Antonio – vocalist, Jamey – guitar, Moses – guitar, Ramon – drums, Rey – bass / photo courtesy of

For those that have never had the chance to witness these six south Texas natives or hear their material, this is the “956 deathcore” known as the Rio Grande Valley region. Right off the bat, the dual vocalists will take the forefront, much like the set up in Despised Icon. Audiences may easily pick up on influences from OceanoThy Art Is Murder and Lorna Shore within the first couple of tracks.

The Valley is currently promoting their 2016 six track EP “Making Of The Apocalypse” from Widowmaker Studios and is a part of the Dissentient Records family. Judging from the single “Artificial Personality” which is the video above, The Valley will not show any mercy tonight.


Pulsus 2017
Pulsus 2017 is: Justin Duran – vocals, John Medrano – guitar, Alex Longoria – guitar, Joseph Escamilla – bass, Ferni Gonzalez – drums / photo courtesy of

Not only does Pulsus bring the build-ups and crowd-splitter chorus riffs but they bring something interesting in the vocals to help elevate each song. The audience shouldn’t have any trouble following the catchy vocal part all while bracing themselves in the chaos of the front rows. For those that are fans of Like Moths To FlamesBless The Fall, and Asking Alexandria comes Pulsus Brownsville, Texas.

Pulsus graphic logo
Pulsus graphic logo – photo courtesy of

The video “Wolf Pack Attack” was a single released in late 2015 and the newest single “Throw The Rope” was released late 2016. The debut EP “Verde” will be coming soon, check their posts for updates. Or tough it out and jump in the pit for Pulsus tonight.

All four of these bands will make sure everyone remembers the long road before So This Is Suffering tonight at Recuerdos in McAllen, Texas.

Author: Republic Of Mosh-Texas Underground Journal

I am a freelance writer with a passion for the underground metal music scene in Texas. I studied advertising and mass communication at Texas State University in San Marcos and Radio & TV at Del Mar College-Corpus Christi. I've been jumping in mosh pits all across Texas since I was a kid and now it is my goal to create the most informative and widely recognized publication for the Texas underground. I have a son (Vicente) and a daughter (Valentina) and currently live in Austin, Texas.

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