EXCLUSIVE: Of Serpents & Saviors (Corpus Christi), Wrath Upon The Skies (Corpus Christi) and A Means To An End (Corpus Christi)


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Gulf Coast triple threat team up for holiday rager

Of Serpents & Saviors, Wrath Upon The Skies and A Means To An End join Shattered Sun for House Of Rock Xmas party

by Ryan A Vasquez


This year Christmas arrives three days early for Corpus Christi, Texas when the biggest holiday party goes off at House Of Rock Dec. 22 with Victory artists Shattered Sun and native premiere party starters Of Serpents & Saviors, Wrath Upon The Skies and A Means To An End. In the spirit of the holidays, half the ticket cost will be donated to the Gulf Coast Humane Society so our canine and feline extended family members have a sufficient temporary situation for the rest of 2017 and a promising new year. We all already know what to expect from a Shattered Sun show, but what’s in store for the audience until then is how this “Sparkling City By The Sea” party earns it’s reputation in these parts.

Of Serpents & Saviors

If someone has never been to Corpus Christi and wanders into House Of Rock, Boozers or Black Monk Tavern, they’ll more than likely hear of the five-piece melodic breakdown metalcore band Of Serpents & Saviors (OSAS). Their sound is derived from numerous influences which sound similar to The Contortionist, Periphery and Betraying The Martyrs. 

Of Serpents & Saviors 2017
Of Serpents & Saviors 2017 from L to R: Frank Slaby – bass, Matt Gongora – guitar, John Luna – drums, Hec Juarez – vocals, Bradley Peterson – guitar / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/osastx

Spawning from a previous prog. metalcore project The Periwinkle Massacre, OSAS formed in early 2014 and made their mark in the circuit eventually sharing the stage with longtime friends Shattered Sun pre-Victory days.

“We consider those guys our brothers and for them to still show us that love back even after all the national/international success they’ve achieved means the world to us,” Hec Juarez said, vocalist for OSAS.

Even though places like The Dirty Dog in Austin are another home to OSAS, Juarez also explained to RoM – TUJ about the many outlets of support Corpus has to offer metal bands from radio exposure on C101 and Rock 92.7 to local promoters like Slam Master and Moshpit Addicts who constantly look for local talent to fill show slots.

OSAS 2015 single "Straight Through The Silence" cover art
OSAS 2015 single “Straight Through The Silence” cover art / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/osastx

In 2015 the debut single “Straight Through The Silence” was released followed by a music video which was shot all in one day. The “GIA” video seen above was the result of a competition prize for placing second in the 30 band “Battle For Knotfest” that year. “Got to give it up to them on that one, they came through,” Juarez said. “I got in touch with Zach at ZWmultimedia.com and gave him our music and lyrics as well as our concept for the video. He really dug the ideas and just ran with them.”

The road leading up to today, however, hasn’t always been everything they’ve dreamed it to be. Like many, their personal obligations can oftentimes prohibit a musician from actively accomplishing all a touring band can hope to.

“It’s rough managing careers and this band, but men have to do what men have to do,” Juarez said. “The bills have to get paid, so full-on US tours have eluded us so far.”

In addition to their OSAS responsibilities, four of the five members play in Knifeprty, a Deftones tribute project that is rapidly gaining popularity because of how exacting the music emulation is to the albums. Frank Slaby (bass) and Bradley Peterson (guitar) also both play for a post-punk/indie band called Crack! Bang! Pow! while Juarez, John Luna (drums) and Matt Gongora (lead guitar) utilize their spare time to play for a semi-acoustic cover set known as The Wyld Ones.

OSAS will be taking a short break throughout January for new material completion and would like to thank all supporters (venues, former band mates and especially Marcos Leal of Shattered Sun and his lovely better half and soon-to-be-mommy to a beautiful daughter, Michelle Lee Morales) for all that they continue to do.

“We’re constantly kicking ourselves in our own asses to make each other better in order to make this band stronger,” Juarez said.


Since 2011, Wrath Upon The Skies (WUTS) have been responsible for furious circle pits and frequent visits to the bartender for proper hydration. These Corpus Christi natives developed a unique thrash metalcore which may be described, argumentatively, as a fusion of Chelsea Grin, The Black Dahlia Murder and As Blood Runs Black.

Wrath Upon The Skies 2017
Wrath Upon The Skies 2017 is: JosHMonsteR – lead vocals/guitar, Alex Martinez – guitar, Josh Cruz – guitar, Alex Cruz – bass/b. vocals, Adan Pena – drums / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/WrathUponTheSkies

JosHMonsteR, vocalist for WUTS, explained to RoM – TUJ how grateful they are to be a part of this Christmas rager considering it had been five years since the last time they and Shattered Sun shared a stage.

“Ending the year with our friends and brothers in Shattered Sun, Of Serpents & Saviors and A Means To An End is a huge honor and big deal for us,” JosHMonsteR said, vocalist for Wrath Upon The Skies.

WUTS has played countless venues across the state and has been received exceptionally well especially with Come And Take It Productions and Downtown Bar and Grill in Victoria. Yet even with such positive feedback, WUTS pushes themselves to move further instead of reflecting. “I believe that our best show still has yet to come,” JosHMonsteR said. “We give our all at every show that we play.”

Wrath Upon The Skies graphic logo
Wrath Upon The Skies graphic logo / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/WrathUponTheSkies

In 2014 two singles were released “The Blackest Black” and “Untitled We Stand” from the EP “Through The Depths Of Betrayal.” WUTS has just recently finished another three song EP which is in the process of being released soon, as well. In regards of the time gaps, JosHMonsteR explained the deeper lessons experienced in order to get to this point.

“I’m the last original member, but have been performing with our current lineup for years,” JosHMonsteR said. “If there’s anything that we’ve learned [it’s] that perseverance is key. If you aren’t in it for the right reasons…then it won’t last.”

The level of positivism from the lead vocalist was inspiring, which evidently is a core principle of the band. Humility may be the second strongest trait of the band aside from the ability to shred.

“Be the best person and version of yourself that you can be,” JosHMonsteR said. “Be humble and stay positive.”


Mix the explosiveness of Unearth, the musicality of In Flames and the vocal pairing of Miss May I and you have the weapons necessary for A Means To An End (AMTAE). These Corpus Christi natives began splitting crowd floors and smashing them together as one since 2015.

A Means To An End 2017
A Means To An End 2017 is: Storm – guitar/clean vocals, Ralf – drums, John Wolf – guitar, Kyler – bass, Estevan – vocals / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/AMeansToAnEndBand

RoM – TUJ caught up with AMTAE and learned they’ve been another band Shattered Sun has continuously shown support to which makes Friday night that much more of a reason to rage.

“It’s really great,” Estevan said, vocalist for A Means To An End. “Shattered Sun is always willing to give us a spot if possible. It really feels like they enjoy our music as we do theirs…we appreciate anytime we get to share the stage with them.”

AMTAE has frequented the always supportive Corpus hot spots such as House Of RockBrewster’sBoozersBlack Monk Tavern as well as Austin’s Come And Take It Live and McAllen’s 1704 Bar, according to Ralf (drums). Kyler (bass) added we may also remember AMTAE opening for that amazing Born Of Osiris and Volumes show last summer at House Of Rock, which the entire Corpus metal-head community won’t soon forget.

A Means To An End 2016 EP "Suffering From Sovereignty" cover art
A Means To An End 2016 EP “Suffering From Sovereignty” cover art / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/AMeansToAnEndBand

In 2016 the five track EP “Suffering From Sovereignty” was released which put these metalcore professionals on the Texas underground map despite the challenges they faced pre-production.

“Getting everyone together and on the same schedule would probably be the most challenging thing because we all live in different cities and have conflicting work schedules,” Storm said, guitarist and clean vocalist.

Wolf (guitar) gave RoM – TUJ a head’s up on the debut full length album currently being recorded and assured us they are more focused than ever.

“We’ve taken the next steps to getting where we want to be as a band and have become more synced when it comes to writing,” Wolf said, guitarist.

It’s on in Corpus Christi tonight at House Of Rock when Victory artists Shattered Sun take the stage with Corpus Christi artists Of Serpents & Saviors, Wrath Upon The Skies and A Means To An End for the biggest xmas party the “Sparkling City By The Sea” has ever seen.


Author: Republic Of Mosh-Texas Underground Journal

I am a freelance writer with a passion for the underground metal music scene in Texas. I studied advertising and mass communication at Texas State University in San Marcos and Radio & TV at Del Mar College-Corpus Christi. I've been jumping in mosh pits all across Texas since I was a kid and now it is my goal to create the most informative and widely recognized publication for the Texas underground. I have a son (Vicente) and a daughter (Valentina) and currently live in Austin, Texas.

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