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Reign 2017
Reign 2018 from L to R: Mike Joiner – guitar, Jonathan Sanchez – bass, Skylar Harpole – drums, Jacob Ashton – vocals / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/reignheavy

A gathering for those Born To Rot

ATX’s Reign to headline special B-day show at Come And Take It Live

by Ryan A Vasquez


A country divided by political and religious beliefs, trusted figures of authority violating women and children, senseless acts of violence fueled by hate–consider everything sick about the world that diminishes our faith in humanity and boils our blood and this is what lights the metaphorical match the rest of us can’t help but to strike as the world is set on fire.

Reign logo
Reign logo / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/reignheavy

Reign is an Austin-based down tempo beatdown band that formed in late 2015. Audiences will hear influences in their writing which may sound similar to The Acacia Strain, Rex and Bodysnatcher.

RoM – TUJ recently had a chance to speak with Reign and learn more about their trail of destruction which had concert-goers become one with their anger since February 2016.

The Noise Box in Brandon, FL has an exceptional staff and has hosted killer shows for us both occasions we’ve had the pleasure to play,” Reign as a group said. “Shiprock, NM was an unexpectedly amazing show and the scene is so vibrant and supportive there. The Blind Tiger in NC sounded amazing and had a very professional staff as well, on top of having an amazing turnout.”

Just as every band has experienced, Reign has also had their fair share of bumps in the road. A band as determined and eager as Reign to lift their music to greater heights will eventually feel the stresses the hunger for success presents.

“The biggest obstacle…is staying patient, ” Reign as a group said. “We by no means have it all figured out but we have a very concise vision and drive within the band and it’s very important that we live up to those standards.”

“We live for the grind and will never shy away from cutting our teeth, but it’s hard to not get too antsy,” Reign as a group said. “It makes us perfectionists and we try not to make that perfectionism destructive.”

Born To Rot 2017 EP cover art
Born To Rot 2017 EP cover art / photo courtesy of Facebook.com/reignheavy

In 2017, the six-track EP “Born To Rot” was released which is the follow up to the debut EP “The Fracture Effect”–primarily a product of a previous member’s creative direction, according to Reign. The production of the “Rot” EP, however, endured a different approach with a new member lineup and a fresh perspective on the writing.

“Ultimately we were much more focused in our approach and knew that we had to step it up,” Reign as a group said.

“On top of trying to mature past sticking to a more bare bones, downtempo approach, we wanted to more accurately convey the frustration and anger that drove the music…” Reign said.

The lessons bands learn as they live the life the music industry dishes is invaluable. From all the sacrifices to the ability to continue making quality music that is true to themselves, Reign discussed some of the pearls of wisdom they’ve gained which may be beneficial to other musicians, especially those in the same genre, about the business of metal.

“Not all heavy music is the same, nor is the range of emotion you will write from,” Reign said. “People can smell fake from miles away, so if you can find a way to express yourself genuinely and still make it digestible for others to understand, then you’re opening yourself up for growth.”

RoM – TUJ also learned that opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, according to Reign, so it’s best to stay appreciative and keep your ears to the ground because you never know what may come your way. This is especially accurate considering the support team involved with Reign, such as band manager Rabananda Bennett of Evolve Music Management who has been an asset to the success of the band as of late.

For those that haven’t had the opportunity to hear Reign or witness them live, they say this:

“…if you want an experience that’s reminiscent of a freight train blaring it’s horns coming straight for you, that’s all we hope to be,” Reign said. “Expect to be treated like family…”

Yet, there were only three words Reign offers that sums up the sound they create:

“Heavy. Loud. Aggressive,” Reign said.

Catch Reign headlining tonight at Come And Take It Live with ATX powerhouses The Ansible, Imaginary Me, Chernobyl The Secret, When Forever Ends and A Feasting Beast. And be sure to wish vocalist Jacob Ashton and long-time supporter of the band, Erik Salazar, a very happy 30th birthday today, bottoms up!

Author: Republic Of Mosh-Texas Underground Journal

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