THE WEEKEND HEADLINER: a RoM exclusive with..Demonseed (Dallas) & Primordius (Arlington)


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Death lives here

Rising death metal region for TXDM demonstrates it’s fury tonight at Tomcats West

by Ryan A Vasquez

Being a musician in the Texas underground scene means there is a common bond shared with every artist; the joy of bringing people together and performing their art with the love that comes from our Texas upbringing–y convertirse en familia (and become family).

TXDM logo
TXDM logo / photo courtesy of PrimordiusTXDM

Yet there is an unspoken brotherhood. A different breed of artists which use the darkest corners of their souls to spark a level of creativity some may fear, find deeply disturbing or distastefully violent. This is the art of death metal and all who proudly support the TXDM badge–A culture of musicians who proudly perform their interpretations of this brutal art form originating from even more points around the state: Lubbock, Houston, Victoria, Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, El Paso and a rising force of a chapter which will be celebrated at Tomcats West in Ft. Worth tonight.

The DFW area has risen to be a true powerhouse chapter in the TXDM family, if readers have not yet discovered this as of late. Although this article will not sort through the many artists that create this massive chapter, RoM – TUJ had a chance to speak to two of the deadliest names in this territory–Demonseed and Primordius.


[WARNING: The following video contains graphic content of actual lion attacks on people and may be too disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.]

As co-headliner for the gathering in Fort Worth this evening, Primordius continues to show no mercy to their audiences since 2008. The video seen above is from their debut 2012 release “Struggle For Existence” which came with difficulties in keeping the video posted due to a backlash from certain viewers, according to Weston Wylie, guitarist and vocalist for Primordius.

Primordius 2018
Primordius 2018 / photo courtesy of

“The video showed multiple scenes of humans being attacked or eaten by lions so there was some hate caught by the violent issue,” Wylie said.

“It was at this time that we knew we were most interested in putting out brutal slamming death metal with a TX twist…It was posted on a very popular generic metal page and it was put in front of a large audience that wasn’t particularly fond of gore and brutal death metal. But we don’t care and it’s still our favorite song to perform live.”

Primordius 2012 debut album
Primordius 2012 debut album “Struggle For Existence” cover art / photo courtesy of

Like many other artists in the beginning, the entire first project was self-produced and an absolute crash course in the transition and development to a professional recording band. For Primordius–the 2012 debut full length album “Struggle For Existence.”

“It was tough because it was all DIY and I didn’t know exactly what I was doing,” Wylie said. “I didn’t exactly have a particular subgenre decided and we just wanted to be an extreme band.”

Primordius 2017 sophomore release
Primordius 2017 sophomore release “Genetic Devastation” cover art / photo courtesy of

The 2017 sophomore release “Genetic Devastation” was another self-produced album, except this time it led to a tour invitation, fronted CDs and merch from Nice To Eat You Records based in Europe for the tour and Paul McGuire from Cerebral Bore as the tour manager.

“We had an invitation to tour Europe with Defeated Sanity, Putrid Pile, Skinned and Cranial Engorgement right at the time when we were completing this album,” guitarist and vocalist Wylie said.

“We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to have done this. The tour was insane and we hit Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and some other countries…It was a dream come true for all of us.”


Undoubtedly, Primordius’ experiences and milestones have earned these Arlington natives the right to proudly sport the TXDM logo as part of our hermanos (brothers) from the DFW territory. Naturally, their time in the circuit could give RoM – TUJ a guided look in the TXDM – DFW arsenal, including the bands that were in heavy rotation at the time of Primordius’ beginning–which according to Wylie they were Prophecy, Malthusia, Dead Rising and Blood Stain Carpetbut more importantly their picks on today’s DFW death metal artists.

“As far as the TXDM from the [DFW] area…bands like Devourment, Demonseed, Kill Everything, Reviled, Necrosis…[they] stick to the true meaning of TXDM rather than just flaunt the letters on a shirt,” Wylie said.

Primordius graphic art
Primordius graphic art / photo courtesy of

Which brings us to this final thought. The black rotting heart of death metal pumps out from several ventricles and not just one kind, but apparently there may be some bands in the circuit that claim to be death metal but may be somewhat lost in translation. The gospel according to Primordius’ guitarist and vocalist, Weston Wylie:

“A lot of bands sport the TXDM logo on the back of their shirts, but honestly it’s been watered down and the term has been broadened to any death metal-ish band from Texas. The term ‘slam’ has kind of gone down the same path. There’ll be so many bands that flaunt the letters TXDM but few will be true to the recipe…My favorite TXDM release was from Flesh Hoarder and that is the epitome of what TXDM should sound like.”


[ WARNING: The following video “A Beast In The Field” is from their 2016 release “Human Disposal Syndicate” displaying the cover art of a graphic gore scene involving female bodies and may be too intense for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Jamming in the scene since the late 90’s, this brutal death metal outfit will be headlining the evening with song after song of relentless unmerciful gore-grind much like the track heard above. This veteran death squad has earned their stripes in the underground circuit but remember the inexperienced version of Demonseed when it all began.

Demonseed 2018
Demonseed 2018 from L to R: Anthony Walker – drums, John Trammell – bass, Chase Nunn – vocals, Bob Vanover III – guitars, Carlos Casillas – guitars / photo courtesy of

“In the mid/late 90’s TXDM was in the creation stages, everyone was kind of aware that Texas had a sound, but we had no idea what ‘sound’ everyone kept speaking of,” guitarist Carlos Casillas said.

“I think it was the staccato style slam in hindsight…[and] there were a shit ton, and I mean a shit ton of new death metal bands and we were all chasin’ the same damn carrot!”

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Demonseed has played with numerous major names in the industry including Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Deicide, Napalm Death and the list goes on. Making a career out of this profession for so long, they’ve seen differences in generations in the audience.

“Fans were young and brutal/technical death was king,” Casillas said.

“Nowadays our fans are a bit older and shows aren’t as huge as they used to be but more organized now and more focused.”

Demonseed 2003 debut album
Demonseed 2003 debut album “Anatomy Of Atrocity” cover art

The 2003 debut full length release “Anatomy Of Atrocity” was the result of a group of kids in humble means wanting to record, but absolutely made a name for themselves in the circuit.

“James Delgado of Kill The Client recorded it in a storage shed in Mesquite, Texas,” Casillas said.

[WARNING: The next image is the same gore scene involving female bodies as mentioned before the video. Please scroll ahead if you do not wish to view again.]

Demonseed 2016 sophomore release
Demonseed 2016 sophomore release “Human Disposal Syndicate” cover art / photo courtesy of

The 2016 sophomore release “Human Disposal Syndicate” was recorded by Anthony [Walker – drums] and Weston Wylie of Primordius but this time with new vocalist Chase Nunn replacing the former vocalist of over 10 years, new bassist John Trammell joining and all digital tracking including a click track which was a first as well.

“My approach writing wise was a bit more tech, still trying to keep whilst our signature groove,” Casillas said. “When Anthony and Bob [Vanover III – guitar] joined, it only amplified that approach–the biggest difference being our drummer Anthony. He plays more technical and uses triggers on his bass drums, whereas our previous drummer, Richard L. Diaz, was super traditional in style and equipment.

Demonseed live shot
Demonseed live shot / photo courtesy DeLisa McMurray Photography

Given the years Demonseed has put in the circuit, their take on the TXDM – DFW chapter has been viewed from every angle and and resulted in a quick list of the predicted survivors of DFW metal.

“Bands like Morgue Meat, Necrosis and Cesspool Of Corruption will carry the flame,” Casillas said. ” Thrash and hardcore bands like Chemicaust and Protest will continue the tradition and style.”

“TXDM was born dead, it will never cease to exist!!!”

No matter where the band resides in our great state or in any state, hard work, dedication, remaining humble, and of course some talent, takes a band to greater heights.

TXDM, though, may have a different set of rules to keep true to the brotherhood, la hermandad. Just keep a look out for those who come from TXDM – DFW.

Here’s a look at tonight’s DFW death showcase:

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