TRACK REVIEW: “Expect No Mercy” by Texas Taliban (El Paso)


Vol. VII

“Expect No Mercy” by Texas Taliban—a track review

by Ryan A Vasquez

The name of the band and the title of the song alone grabbed my attention. But at the same time with titles like these, who wouldn’t hold certain expectations?

Well, after pressing play…it wasn’t just the photo, it wasn’t just the song title nor was it their dominating logo that gave this band’s name it’s justice.

It was the hate behind the voice and the hellish punishment summoned through the guitars and drums that gave this El Paso black op metal unit the ability to live up to it’s name and primary mission—to eradicate all that purifies and softens metal.

I was taken back to the “As The Palaces Burn” days from Lamb Of God (2003) with an early 2000’s Chimaira and Hatebreed vibe as well. It’s absolute straight snake venom whiskey metal with a burn that lasts long after you’ve taken it to remind you of how hardcore life and humanity can be.

This track is a certified weapon with an unlimited supply of ammunition, given the transitions from a slower tempo assault to a full throttle thrash. There is no clean singing or melodic choruses and I seriously doubt their audiences will ever see any curve balls on the follow up track(s).

There is no mistaking this band’s genre when you experience this debut track. You’ll realize you are no longer in the pop charts or listening to the latest trend. You won’t ever see this on the Grammy’s or the AMA’s. But when it comes to true-blood metal heads, we wouldn’t ask for it any other way.

[Click the link to check out “Expect No Mercy” here]

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Around the time when this track was put in front of me, America was in the midst of an escalated conflict with Iran after an American drone strike killed Major General Qassim Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) / Quds Force commander near the Baghdad International Airport.

To America, Soleimani was believed to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans during the Iraq war and allegedly responsible for the strike against an Iraqi military base last December that killed an American contractor.

To the people of Iran, he is seen as a hero whose untimely death deserves revenge.

Although “World War III” fortunately has not yet begun, the debut single, “Expect No Mercy,” from El Paso metal warriors Texas Taliban could serve as the soundtrack for all Americans deployed into the fire, as well as intimidation toward our enemies so that they know we will strike them down with the hand of God and bury them with the Devil’s shovel—proudly made in Texas.

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